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Timber Supplies

Timber Milling and Furniture

One of our principle operations for 2017 and 2018 is that we are selling milled Tuart for Structural timber, for flooring, furniture, feature timber and/or retaining/fencing.

This Tuart is unique in two ways; the trees were, when felled and pushed over in 2015 and 2016, only 40 to 45 years old AND they never had fire go through them.  This means the wood is a very light in colour, not dissimilar to pine, yet has typical Tuart strength and hardness.  Younger timber invariably is a lighter colour than mature aged timber.  Fires add to a darkening of the timber.  Typically Tuart timber is therefore a honey colour.

Tuart is the equal second hardest timber in Australia (alongside spotted gum) rated at 11KNm of resistant hardness.  Much harder than Jarrah.  Jarrah is only 60% as hard as Tuart when green and not even 80% of the hardness when seasoned.  Untreated Tuart fence posts can resist decay and termites for more than 25 years whereas Jarrah 8-15 years.  Since there are often fence posts of Jarrah that exceed 50 or more years, it is not unreasonable to expect outcomes in excess of a hundred years for Tuart.


Typical floor sizes (of finished sizing of 5 x 3/4”, 4 x 5/8” and 3 & 1/4 x 1/2” which, in metric is 125mm wide board 19mm thick, 100 x 16 and 80 x 12 mm respectively) will be cut ongoing for the relatively short time this wood is available.  Within 2 years or less you will NEVER see this opportunity in Tuart for flooring, furniture or any other broad scale use again.

The pricing will be based on selling the wood cut straight off the log and so regarded as green (Tuart is so dense that even 40 year old logs retain significant moisture to cut ‘green’ less than 100mm below exposed surfaces) OR seasoned.  The difference between ‘green’ and seasoned is it will be 30% to 40% cheaper to buy green by either you pick it up and take it somewhere to be stacked with airing sticks (supplied for orders over $1000) or we deliver it to you for you to stack until seasoned for processing.

Seasoning:  Generally, properly stacked timber (with evenly spaced 15mm thick airing sticks) dries and is therefore regarded as seasoned at a rate of each 25mm thick = 1 year.  125mm wide 19mm thick flooring wood (supplied as 150mm x 25 mm boards) will be ready for final processing of tongue and grooving in 12 months or sooner.

Processing:  Seasoned timber will be processed by many timber processing businesses everywhere for $1 to $2 per lineal metre. 

End cost to you:  Given that the most select and premium size of tongue and groove flooring of 125mm x 19mm in Tuart will cost you upwards of $120 per square metre (IF YOU CAN GET IT), I will supply it at $77 per finished square metre green with airing sticks, a covering tarp and you will get it finished in one year for a further $8 per square metre then your total price will equate to less than $85 per square metre, ready to lay.

Try and find anywhere a better price on any non veneer, non processed wooden flooring!  Remember, you need to compare like with like.  Sure you can get 80mm wide ‘feature’ (meaning lots of faults and blemishes) Jarrah for slightly less but don’t forget the costs associated with laying it.  The more pieces of wood required to cover 1 square metre of floor, generally means the greater the laying time and costs.  Moreover, narrower floor timber means thinner and therefore more below floor structural support timber.

Compare all types of flooring and see if you can get, generally, a better cheaper product!


Strictly Cash, EFT or bank cheque only.  A proper invoice will always be supplied.  Transport available after full price is paid. 50% non refundable deposit on specified sizes before they are cut!  No paypal, no shipping before 100% payment in cash, EFT or bank cheque (cleared) is paid.  No Barter cards.  No pay later deals.