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This firewood is pre-split / cut so the purchaser does not need to do any further cutting.
High quality, long burning & low ash wood ethically & legally obtained from private property.


We offer 3 main cut and split sizes of medium, medium large & large firewood to suit the appropriate size of your fire/pot belly/space heater. The sizes are now 30cm, 35cm and 40cm plus in length.

It is no trouble for us to make the entire load up to the size you want just make sure you tell us or your average length will be 30 - 35cm. Shorter costs more due to handling.

The wood consists of 70% to 100% Tuart. Up to 30% can be Peppermint and Marri.
Specifying Marri and/or Peppermint alone will bring down the load price by 15%
You can specify 100% Tuart at 10% extra cost if you wish. It IS the premium wood!

Tuart is a splintery wood, harder & denser than Jarrah so it burns for longer, at the same or higher temperature & is very low ash like Jarrah. It’s arguably the far better home fire burning wood because it burns longer overnight & starts burning easier thanks to all the splinters. We have found little or no need of kindling. Tuart also retains coals that can be raked over the next day to more easily restart the fire. Compare this to Jarrah which burns all but totally out and needs to be actively ‘restarted’ the next cold morning/!

Marri burns as or hot or hotter than Tuart or Jarrah and Peppermint burns hottest of all. Both Marri and Peppermint are higher in ash production.

Tuart is not regularly available either for firewood or timber production due to rarity but in this instance, the wood is being saved from being burnt in windrows after permitted clearing 18months ago to make way for an approved development on a private property.

Tuart hasn't always been popular as a firewood because it's hard to get and very very hard to split which is why, for much the same price (or less) as any other firewood sold in un-split ‘rounds’ where the buyer has to then cut it, we supply the equivalent quantity or weight already split making it effort free for you and at no additional charge.

Loads can be topped up with dry mill ends or splinters for kindling if you want (as in the photograph above) including mill ends from my small timber mill where the bigger logs are saved and then being milled for floorboards, furniture and other, 'to order' timber. You must ask for kindling to have it deliberately included. You probably won't need it.

This is an environmentally friendly operation, completely by the books. We don’t enter any forest, we don’t spread Dieback, we don’t use firewood collection areas designated for public collection & then sell it without a license or against the law.


The first photos are of an over level 6 x 4 trailer carefully stacked for maximum trailer fill and is $88 including gst. I’ll challenge anyone to get a claimed 500kg to 750kg weight 6x4 trailer in dry Jarrah to burn longer!

The next photographs are of a 7 x 5 deep Tandem trailer, over level, wood thrown in & can be topped with dry mill ends for kindling (if available) that weighs well upwards of 800 kg of wood at $165 inc gst. Bigger wood size = more wieght.

Any size load is available as we have a bigger 10 x 5 heavy duty caged trailer also.

Delivery is $5 to $12 in the Busselton area - 7 x 5 and larger trailers Capel to Dunsborough and beyond. 6 x 4 trailer deliveries are limited to Busselton town sorry (Wonnerup to Abbey).

Terms are strictly cash on delivery or after clearance of EFT. No credit. Invoices issued.