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About Us

Totally Improved Properties is, in a nutshell, a group of individuals, directed by Kurt Alexander Rogers, that offer improvement to any property from door repair through to decor improvement, furniture construction, adjunct building and building materials in timber out into the garden, its props and over all property maintenance and improvement.

We offer these services at very competitive pricing.

If there is anything we can’t do, we can put you directly in touch with locals or outside experts who can help you and whom themselves also have good long standing reputations.

It’s fair to say, these are the things we can do and do well:

Adjunct Building - Alfresco’s, Verandah’s, Decking, Animal enclosures, just about anything.

Decor and Interior Decoration through decor art that blends in your house.

Door Doctoring - All door fixing, installation and repairs.  

Door Design - Bespoke Doors, Unique Doors.

Environmental - Assessments, augmentation and set up.

Fine Art - Tasteful Artworks that are not expensive but entirely unique.

Furniture - Unique Rustic, Garden and Robust furniture that doesn’t cost a fortune.

Garden Design and Set Up.

Garden Props - planting boxes, raised garden beds, soil and reticulation set up.

Gardening Services - including cleanups, maintenance, reticulation servicing.

Mechanical - servicing and rectification of most mechanical machine or apparatus.

Painting - House interior/exterior.

Sculpture - Simple yet effective and inexpensive sculpture.

Security Screen Door - (soon to come - installation and construction).

Timber milling.

Timber supplies.

Watch This List Grow and See The Detail Added

Totally Improved Properties